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New Energy Opportunities For Your Farm. Wind, Solar, BioGas, BioMass....What Would It Take For You To Farm Energy?

There is alot of buzz these days about farm energy projects....what does everyone think?
Here is show we did on the topic.

Kevin Stewart

Click the Play button to watch the video.

For more information, you might want to check out http:www.farmenergyonline.com

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Good on him, Government does'nt want to get invold, because they would lose revenue and the same with hydro 1. In fact he should not even have to pay the 30 buck to the ashholes.
I see lots of new solar panels going up and wonder if they are for own use or are the people selling power back to the grid...how much does it cost and what is the payback?
I'm interested in learning more about the skills and knowledge required for a producer to get into this technology - and if there are learning programs offered.
Jean if you go onto youtube, type in the seach box,either of these subjects, Biogas, wood gas, solar, wind power, there are videos and examples, how to do it yourself, that way you can decide which way to go without the help of a consolant. Start small then think big. There heaps of examples of farms doing. it. You don't need to do a course. Also if you google the subject their are plans how to build then. The only hard part is elecity and mechinical side of things, modifing the machines or engines to run off the stuff you produce. There are government grants but again look at his guy 10 years, and still fighting red tape.

Jean Sullivan said:
I'm interested in learning more about the skills and knowledge required for a producer to get into this technology - and if there are learning programs offered.
Hi Jean:

The Ag Energy opportunity is still emergying but appears to have strong momentum from the political side and growing economic opportunities as the government is offering aggressive incentives to jumpstart the industry.

There are a few ag energy websites with information....you might want to try http://www.farmenergyonline.com
for Ontario and Canadian content.

I suspect the skills will vary depending on the type and scale of the farm energy project.

I think Bristow has a point as well...the true training challenge might be the start up with the current electricity infrastructure...

U of Guelph is running a series of information sessions across the province on solar energy - you can find more information on it here - http://www.ridgetownc.com/solar/
And OMAFRA has an Information Bundle on their website on the various Green Energy technologies - you can find that here:


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